Saturday, July 08, 2006


To my devoted readership (well reader might be more appropriate (thanks mom.)) I'd like to apologize for being so remiss in posting to this blog. Internet access has, of late been sketchy at best. I figure the best way to catch up is to dump information and avoid all the verbose "crap" that I usually fill my posts with.
On Thursday I finally was told of my job placement (location and description) for the next two years. The Peace Corps does this cool thing where they draw a huge map of Armenia on a parking lot out in front of the school where we train. They get all the trainees (or PCT's) in a group and call us out one-by-one. As we are called out, they announce the job, and site where the trainee will be working. The trainee then walks to that spot on the map of Armenia. It's really neat because you got to see who is near your site, and how everyone has been dispersed across the country.
I will be working in Gyumri in the Northwest of Armenia, fairly close to the Turkish border. Gyumri is the second largest city/town in Armenia. My primary job will be with an NGO called "Youth For Peace and Development" or "YFPD". The Peace Corps loves acronyms. I don't know what I will be doing as of yet, but apparently Gyumri will afford me numerous opportunities to explore different avenues of work and volunteerism.
Though I only know the title my future job and the name of place I will be living, just having some shape to my expectations has been a wonderful breath of fresh air.


Nate said...

Ouch... the NSA and I are hurt by your lack of appreciation for our readership.

Katie said...

I think I speak for all of us underappreciated readers out there when I say, thpthpthpthpthpth!!!!!(my tongue is sticking out.)

Frank said...

"Youth For Peace and Development" ??? Dom, that sounds like some sort of covert Commie crap. Be sure to video tape your first "rally". I want to see your Molitov cocktail throwing form.

tigran said...

I grew up in Gyumri and still have family there. Don't let the rubble that is still left over from the eartquake of 1988 depress you too much.