Tuesday, August 05, 2008


It’s finished. My 27 months in Armenia has wound to a close. The goodbyes were difficult but I think I’m ready to be back. It’s been long enough. In the end I didn’t “change the world” as I initially had expected/hoped; merely nibbled around the edges a bit.

I hated all the clichés attached to the Peace Corps before I left, but some of them do ring true as I reflect initially on my service. I truly did learn a lot more from the people with whom I lived. I learned much from the people surrounding me, but also a great deal just by living in a different culture and thus gaining a different perspective on things. I hope to retain and remember this as I wade back into American life.

I won’t drone on for too long... I’ve already been doing it on this blog for 2+ years. At my core I'm not a sentimental person, so this transition feels easier than perhaps it is for other volunteers. It was a good time and I will certainly miss the lifestyle of a volunteer. What better than to wake up every morning and in a very basic sense attempt to help people. That always made up for whatever ‘hardships’ living in a developing country might have posed. I will also miss the friends I made during this time, both Armenian and American.

Lastly, I love being associated with an organization such as the Peace Corps that is putting forth the best face of America in some of the most difficult corners of the world.

Thanks to all those who read this blog. I appreciated all the comments and interest.

Most sincerely,

Dominic Monley

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