Saturday, June 24, 2006


Slaughtered my first cow today. She was beaut! Guess I can cross that one off the man card. I don’t have it with me but I believe it’s right there between the “wrestling a bear” and the “simultaneously driving a truck (manual transmission), scratching oneself, singing a country song about a girl and a dog, shooting a shotgun out the window, while excoriating one’s wife for ‘gettin’ outta line’”. I could be wrong, as I haven’t referenced it as of late.
It’s interesting to, after killing something, be eating its choice parts 15 minutes later. Interesting… yet tasty. I’ve heard that Armenians have a special “cow’s hoof soup” that they make. I’m not looking forward to the actual consumption of said delicacy, but am looking forward to the fodder it may give me for an upcoming “” post. Is it Kosher to shamelessly plug your blog on your blog?

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Kelly Sagara said...

How dare you!! Didn't you learn anything from your time at Cal Poly?!?! Slaughtering is a vicious term used primarily for wreckless white men and buffalos. You, my friend, did not slaugher anything. You harvested your first animal which I am sure will be completely used towards the nourishment of many in Armenia. There is your lesson from your Barn Tour guide :)
Take care of yourself and your herd!

Enjoy your feast!!