Monday, June 05, 2006

Vienna (and no sausages in sight)

   We've been delayed in Vienna for a few hours and apparently this airport has free wireless. What a pleasant surprise to open up my laptop fully expecting to merely engage in a few rousing games of minesweeper and POW! There is that network connection screen.  Very cool.  
    We’ve been traveling steadily for a day or so, and weariness is starting to wear on the group and your humble narrator.  But as I searched the cockles of my mind for anything to write for my (I assume) awesomely large and devoted readership, I struck up a conversation with an American/Armenian traveler.  She is an opera singer who had her Armenian home bombed out by the Russians in the 80’s and immigrated to Ecuador, got a visa to Mexico and came across with some coyotes, and currently lives in Fresno.  She truly had quite a compelling story.  We discussed things from the current border issues in California to her family history and strife.  She was also kind enough to give me an impromptu Armenian language lesson.  Apparently (and rather bluntly I thought) I have terrible pronunciation.  It kind of stoked my fire for the upcoming adventure, at a time when it had been waning.  My nerves seem to be gone and I can’t wait to get to Armenia and get this thing started!  


Son of a Mother said...

Dude, your heart has shellfish in it? Nasty.

Nate said...

Shellfish? Who is this guy? Dommo, I'd steer clear of words like "sausage" in your byline to avoid these sweaty-fingered shellfish referencers from finding their way to your site via their aberrational Google searching.

I was intrigued that your Armenian friend would have ended up in Fresno. But maybe that's just the kind of place where a person from a bombed out city with a stagnant economy might feel right at home. Go 'Dawgs!